India has some 40 to 80 million persons with various kinds of lower limb disabilities. Wheelchairs are a very common mobility assistance system for people with lower limb disability. However wheelchairs cannot serve people with upper both upper and lower limb disability.

It  is suited for persons with both upper and lower limb disability. It is a battery driven wheelchair, which can be operated through joy stick or using tongue and head movements depending upon the kind of disability the person has. The chair sports sensors attached on the seat at the neck position and these can be operated by the movement of the neck to maneuver the wheelchair. Similarly the tongue may also be used to provide inputs to the wheelchair’s mechatronical system through sensors. It can also be easily elevated to a convenient height. This wheelchair facilitates easy movement for people with spinal injuries, as they can navigate it using their tongue.

The project team received the Gandhian Social innovations award at Gandhian Young Technology Awards 2012

Pratik Gandhi , Chintak Dholakia, Sumit Shatwara, Bhargav Desai, Priyesh Rajnikant, Vanraj Kamliya, LD College of Engineering
Project Guide: Prof BH Parmar