This prototype combines a water heater along with refrigerator. This modified Domestic refrigerator has two interesting novel functions. The waste heat of compressor is used to heat water, through a heat exchanger and in the process of removing heat, the life of compressor is extended and its efficiency goes up. Thus the power consumption also goes down because compressor has to work less.

The lukewarm water thus generated can be used cleaning kitchen utensils, washing clothes, bathing etc. Through this modified design daily 100 liters of lukewarm hot water can be produced while the cooling capacity of the refrigerator is increased by about 20 per cent . This may also reduce the consumption of electricity.

The project received appreciation under the Gandhian young Technology- ‘More from less’ category.

Prof. Anil Gupta had the following comment on the project technology in his DNA column:

“Every fridge manufacturer must be obliged to attach a heat harnesser to the compressor so that energy consumption in the fridge goes down and user can harness extra heat for casserole or heating water. In fact, if pulses are kept in hot water for a while, they cook faster and save further energy. Some of the vegetables need not be cooked at all and they may become palatable merely by keeping in hot water, saving all the nutrients as well.”

Dhruv Patel, Gandhinagar Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar
Gujarat Technological University

Project Guide: Dr Nilesh M Bhatt