Each year thousands of students in India learn making android apps. Many of them choose making apps as a project. If each of these android app could solve a small little problem of society or common man, their aggregate effort in societal progress will be enormous.

Many of the readers may have often travelled by public transport including auto rickshaws. And there surely must have been times when you felt that the money charged by the vendor was inappropriate or above the stipulated norms. Many cities have fixed tariffs based on the distance one travels and during the time when the journey is made. Yet at times purely due to lack of information, many users of auto rickshaws pay more than they are supposed to.

Here is an example of an student, Neel Kadia who is a student of Government Engineering College,  Gandhinagar has made an app that solves this problem for the unsuspecting customer. He also has a nice youtube video that makes shows how the app works.

Neel is still working on the app and continues to improve it. The app can give user the fare is he is supposed to pay based on kilometres and time of day travelled. He also has a facebook page for the app, where you can find more abou tthe project. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2841982149308

While the problem may not be the most pertinent ones our society faces but then its is one small step towards solving some problem.