The project comprises of a new technique for providing tsunami forecasting. Accurate forecasting of Tsunami can be very vital in issuing warnings and evacuating the people from regions with the possibility of being hit by tsunami.

The cost of this tsunami warning system may be a hundred times cheaper than the existing systems due to the very low cost of obtaining TEC data from satellite pratham.

The project uses a novel technique for ionospheric tomography using the TEC data. The TEC data for this system is obtained from Pratham, a satellite developed by IIT Bombay. The TEC data is being generated using ten ground stations in India and one in France. The algorithm reconstructs the distribution of electron density across various layers of the ionosphere with more than 85% accuracy. This allows forecasting tsunami with a good deal of accuracy.

The project team received appreciation award underthe category ‘Technological Edge’ at the Gandhian Young Technology Award.

Jhonny Jha, Sanyam Mulay, Deepika Thakur, Husain Manasawala, Tushar Jadhav,IIT Bombay
Project Guide: Prof. K. Sudhakar