Under this project a low cost device that can detect explosive materials like TNT and RDX using the same technique as sniffer dogs has been developed. TNT & RDX materials generate vapors which are present in the atmosphere. The hand held device developed can selectively detect these vapors using micro-cantilever based sensors and ultra sensitive instrumentation. This hand held, 9V battery operated device costs about 5% of the cost of the existing instruments in use. The portable system has alarm along with LCD display and measures 6 cm X 12 cm. Also, it can be used by layman on field. Sensitivity down to 10 parts per trillion is achieved with novel ultra sensitive current excitation method and novel micro-cantilever based piezoelectric sensors fabricated at CEN lab, IIT Bombay.

Any explosive casing blast can be detected within few seconds & can raise alarm with this system. This system has been tested in lab conditions and is working perfectly fine on field also. The instrumentation work has been patented

The project received appreciation under the ‘Technological Edge’ category at the Gandhian Awards 2012.

Neena Gilda, Sandeep S, Seena V, Sheetal Patil, IIT Bombay
Project Guides: Prof V Ramgopal Rao, Prof Dinesh K Sharma, Prof Maryam S Baghini