A joint team of students and faculties at Sir Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute in Bhavnagar under the guidance of Prof. G.D. Acharya took up an unique project last march. Theproject served twin purposes- contributing to the society and enhancing learning of the students. The team designed a drainage system for the residents of Village Sanosara.  Sanosara is one of the Village in Sihor Taluka in Bhavnagar District in Gujarat State with a population of 10,000. Residents of the village were facing problems due to a lack of drainage system.

Underground drainage lines were not covering the entire village and most of the older drainage lines were dysfunctional due to poor gradient & inadequate workmanship. The civil engineering department took up the work to redesign a better drainage system for the village. Students took up the survey and design work with support from their faculty and submitted the drainage designs to the Sanosara panchayat for execution. The designing process involved use of designing software such as Autocad.

The proposed design of drainage system included elements of Sustainable Rural drainage systems (SRDS). ‘Sustainable Rural drainage systems’ is a generic name for a range of techniques which seek to deal in an integrated way with the issues of water quantity, water quality and amenity. They seek to manage surface water run off as near to source as possible, slowing down run-off, treating it naturally and releasing good quality surface water to watercourses or groundwater. For this the students have proposed a waste water treatment pond for proper water treatment through biological activity before the water is released into the ground or waterways.