An automobile AC consumes about one-tenth of the total fuel. This is a significant cost for the vehicle owners such as truck drivers who travel round the clock running. The innovation by Harish Tiwari addresses this challenge by designing an AC that may be able to run itself by using waste heat from the automobile exhaust. It may therefore make the running of an automobile more economical. It achieves this by using an adsorption refrigeration system powered by exhaust heat with only two control valves. A prototype of 1 kW cooling capacity has been designed and developed in the laboratory. The adsorbers use an innovative double pipe heat exchanger to enhance heat transfer and reduce the heating and cooling time. The system dimensions have been obtained and found to be suitable for Automobile and the system can operate in mobile applications. The overall weight of the system for a cooling capacity of 1 kW is around 30 kg. The heating time required to achieve the cooling effect is around 10 minutes. The number of valves is just two which gives reliability to the system and reduces the likelihood of leakage. The project requires support in fabricating a full-scale prototype. The project received Appreciation under the Gandhian young technology awards ‘More from less’ category from Dr. Mashelkar.

Harish Umashankar Tiwari, Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune University Prof. Dr. G.V. Parishwad, Government College of Engineering, Pune