Linking industry, academia and the informal sector through an open innovation platform,

The session started with a small speech by Prof. Vijay Sherry Chand, IIM-Ahmedabad who introduced the concept of techpedia and stated the challenge faced by the Indian innovators because of the absence of an open source platform for sharing of findings. Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta started
his talk with the need of an open source platform for sharing innovations. The biggest challenge faced by students entering the fourth year of their undergraduate studies was the
absence of meaningful projects. There is no platform to know whether the project about to be
taken up has been performed and if so, what level of completion had it achieved? This is what gives rise to repetition wherein students end up making the same projects and findings.

To solve this problem and promote originality amongst students, was founded. It
provides an open source platform to students across the country where they could share their
innovation and findings to a large group of innovators either in the same segment or in
different segments.